Weekdays and weekend courses are avaliable in various centres throughout the year. Courses we offer commence in November 2019, January and March 2020

Evangelism in Multi-Faith Space (EMIS)

5 weeks programme for £50 (Saturday)

Tent-making Missions

6 months programme for £350 (Weekdays & Saturdays)

RECSOM Certificate in Tentmaking is designed for those who are already involved in one form of ministry or the other and wants to enhance their cross-cultural skills as missionaries at the marketplace. This course is contextual, engaging and provides immediate hands on skills that can be utilised in various facets of engagement by the attendees.

Our target audience includes pastors, business men and women, professionals, church leaders and members of the laity.

This programme is 6 Units of Study.

*Programme come with field practical.

*One UNIT is one month of lectures.

Diploma in Missions

10 months programme for £600 (Weekdays & Saturdays)

RECSOM Diploma in Mission is ideally suited to those who are looking for a broad-based foundational course in Mission, which blends biblical and theological education with a more practical ministry focus. The course is designed to prepare students for a wide variety of Christian service, equipping them to think in a biblically balanced and creative way to enhance their missionary aspirations.

RECSOM Diploma in Mission is delivered through a blended learning approach which aims to integrate theory with practice.

This programme is 10 Units of Study

*Programme come with field practical.

*One UNIT is one month of lectures.

Young Missionary Summer School (YMSS)

A 5 Day residential programme from 20th to 25th July 2020 for £150

RECSOM UK in partnership with Youth With A Mission, England (YWAM) presents the Young Missionaries Summer School (YMSS). YMSS aims to maximise the potential of the millennium generation to engage and proclaim the love of Christ to a changing generation.

The age target is 15 to 25 years.