Summary of life at RECSOM from out alumni.

“I was challenged, inspired and encouraged by the course. It was both intellectually stimulating and spiritually sound. I felt better equipped to do the work of missions. I would highly recommend this course to every believer.”

Angela Ifonlaja

“Before attending the school of missions, I never really knew the importance of winning souls, but now I know that in order to fulfill the great commission of Christ, we would need to step out and witness tot he souls out there.”


“RECSOM was such an eyeopener for me, particularly on how evangelism should be carried out relentlessly as a lifestyle and not an event. God using RECSOM to raise women and men to win back the hearts of this nation to Him”

Gideon Obasanmi

“This course articulates the challenges of mission particularly in this part of the world and offers insight into addressing them. The lecturers are passionate about missions and hence inspiring… I recommend this course first to all Church leaders who in turn will help the congregation crave the work of missions. Every blessing.”

Chris Ifonlaja

“I really enjoyed the course. I have a better understanding of evangelism and fresh passion for souls. Very informative and powerful course.”

Tobi Balogun

“I thank the Lord that He opened the door for me to be trained at RECSOM. I felt empowered every time I had a lecture and have now been given the job of a full-time field Missionary for the UK and school assistant. I feel that if the Lord opens a door of opportunities for you, then take it to serve Him effectively.”

Beverley Couldron

“The course has helped me as a person to have a better understanding of God and my primary purpose in life. The way and manner the scriptures were broken down were just too great and simple to understand. Special thanks to Pastors Kola Kehinde, Steve Maltz and Peter Ozodo. May God bless and replenish all that they have given out. Thank you RECSOM.”


“I truly enjoyed the course it was very informative and the lecturers are natural teachers. Kind regards”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and cannot wait to apply everything that I have learnt. Kind regards”

Olayinka Oginni

“The Redeemed Christian School of Missions course on Tent Making Missions provides me an opportunity to broaden my understanding of the level of spiritual belief of the citizens in the UK and how the gospel could then be the best-presented tot hem. It also helps me to understand the different ideas the present-day people hold as opposed to that of the bible. Thank you”

Phillip Oyetunji

“The Redeemed School of MIssion UK, is an “Enigma” that has become an integral part of the church’s drive in its quest to reaching the whole nation of the world with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, with its ability to equipping those int he mission field in fulfilling this obligation. Glory be to the Lord Jesus!”

Emmanuel Oladapo

“I Thank God for the opportunity to learn of him as a missionary. In RECSOM UK, I have the privilege of learning from mission-minded lecturers in a friendly environment, and with fellow students that are pastors in their various churches, and most of all, I was involved in the practical aspect of mission in a new way with skill and method of doing mission as commanded by Christ in Matthew 28:18-20. I thank God and also my pastor (Francis Oladimeji SFOE) for the opportunity given me to learn, and also I am grateful to Pastor C. Alalade for his fatherly advice, and to Pastor E.A. Adeboye G.O-RCCG ) I recommend RECSOM UK to anyone who desires to be a missionary. May God make what I have learned useful to me, and His kingdom, and mankind all over the world in Yeshua’s name Amen. Shalom”

Destiny Ik Omoruyi

“I would invite everyone within the RCCG to undertake Missions training. The course will provide training on how to reach the British culture with the gospel. Evangelising in the British culture is done differently than how it is in Africa. In the British culture, a lot of Christian apologetics is required simply because the Christian foundation has been replaced with an atheistic/pagan/evolution-based foundation.”

Laurence Breen

“I had kidney stone problems earlier this year and having to deal with extreme pain which meant several months off work and strong medication to ease the pain. During my treatment, God, by His Grace, on the very first session of treatment, healed my left kidney completely of the 3 stones that were clearly evident on the X-Ray that was taken 3 or 4 days earlier. I had taken the book by Steve Maltz called: Hebraic Church (Thinking differently) with me into the Hospital for something to read whilst waiting. I was asked by the senior doctor to place all my possessions on the treatment room main desk and then lay on my front on the treatment table. None of the 3 doctors present in the treatment room could find any of the 3 stones in my left kidney. The senior doctor asked me if that book that I had placed on the main desk had anything to do with this supernatural miracle that has just taken place. I was still quite drugged up on pain killers in readiness for the very painful treatment but the Lord clearly told me, as I was lying down on the treatment table, giving thanks and praise to Jehovah Raffa, to sit up and bear witness tot these 3 doctors that were slightly baffled by it all. I shared with them the fundamental differences between the Greek mindset and the Hebraic mindset. All 3 doctors were astonished and in total agreement with everything. I received several sessions of treatment for 2 further stones that were in my right kidney and on the penultimate treatment session at the Hospital they were really glad to see me and started asking me more about Jesus and the state of the world today. It was around the time of the last general election and all 3 doctors said that there is no politician that could ever sort out the world’s problems. God then instantly told me to show them the only long-term solution to all the worlds’ problems, the most powerful thing in the known universe…!!! They were intrigued…!!! I asked the doctor standing nearest the PC on the desk to type into Google 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud 5 It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. All 3 doctors read out the scripture together. You could physically see their hearts receiving this very powerful word. It fundamentally changed all 3 of them. Amen. The junior doctor grabbed a pen and wrote down the scripture reference to look ti up again when he got home form work. To cut the long story short, on my next session of treatment this doctor that I had been witnessing to over the last few months thought that he was saved and going to heaven when he died. When I asked him why he thought that he was assured a place in Glory. He told me that he is a nice man and does good things for others like looking after his ill mother and giving money and support to the homeless people. He also told me that he had had a Roman Catholic upbringing in a very ritualistic way. Once the Lord had revealed this to me then the Holy Spirit did the rest and he prayed out the salvation prayer with me there and then in the treatment room.”

Mark Portsmouth

“The course is an eye-opener… It has given me a better knowledge about the work of missions, what to expect, how best to approach people with the GOOD NEWS on the mission field and bring them into the fold.”

Janet Oluwakemi Yabuku

“In the School of Mission, I received insight into how empty, dark and formless a life without Christ is, and how to practically answer these questions and meet the needs of man in our world today. Thanks to every lecturer who took out time to share their wealth of knowledge and practical experience in the mission field.”

Eghosa Best Agho

“I have really enjoyed the journey during the School of Missions course. It has been a very informative course and has helped me with my approach in various areas of my field. I would definitely recommend and encourage anyone who is desiring to do this course.”

Olufolake Oke

“I enrolled at the school a year after I paid a visit to a Mission field. The lectures were in-depth and easy to understand. I learnt Missions terminology and encouraged to carry out the great commission Matthew 28:18-20 more than I did before the course. I thank God for being a part of the first set in Lewisham. Thanks to all our lecturers: Pastor Kola Shodeinde, Pastor Kola Kehinde, Pastor Musa Bako and Pastor Steve Saltshakers. They all encouraged interaction which made learning effective. Thanks to all we (I) came across during the course Pastor Alalade, Pastor Olayemi Hassan, Pastor Oyetunji. You will receive your rewards in full in Jesus name Amen. Galatians 6:9 RECSOM is a school I recommend for every serious-minded Christian. We will not despise the days of little beginnings Job 8:7 GREATER HEIGHTS in Jesus name Amen.”

Afolake Feyinbunmi

“I am indeed very glad that I was able to enroll for the Tent Making Course in Mission. It opened my eyes to see different aspects of Missions. We were taught how to engage in Cross-Cultural Missions; Strategies to conduct Personal and Group Evangelism; how to preach to Muslims; the need to make disciples of Christ and how that can be done; How to do a cross-cultural church plant; etc. Our teachers are seasoned lecturers. Their passion is highly commendable. The course has accorded me the knowledge; skill and the necessity of doing church differently from what I used to know. I hope to proceed to Diploma in the course of Mission.”

Samuel Obafaiye