Our Vision

Through offering full-time and part-time programs at Certificate and Diploma levels as well as continuing education opportunities, RECSOM seeks to equip and encourage students for effective Christian mission. While highly valuing a challenging and rigorous training, RECSOM seeks to make missionary education accessible by charging affordable tuition, providing opportunities for sponsorship of students by organisations and individuals, and by offering courses in such a way that students can complete their programs through full-time or part-time study

RECSOM views itself as a partner to all Christian ministries and denominations, seeking to encourage and strengthen those called to Christian mission, while at the same time acknowledging and celebrating its Pentecostal roots. While RECSOM has a special affection for, and calling to serve the people and churches of British Isles and Europe, RECSOM also understands its mandate as worldwide. RECSOM seeks to serve churches and students by partnering with other educational institutions and ministries to provide quality mission education